What went wrong with your vape device? Does your vape taste like burnt stuff? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Almost every vaper has experienced this at some points or the other since they began vaping. Mind you, burnt vape hit is one of the common issues that happen, especially when you’re new to vaping. Read on to learn more about burnt vape hit cause and how to fix the issue.

Causes of Burnt Vape hits and how to fix them

What is burnt vape hit?

Burnt vape hit is an unpleasant, burnt sensation that you get when your wick is burnt. The wick is the cotton wrapped around your atomizer’s coil. When your wick is burnt, it masks the flavorful taste of the e-juices. And it usually tastes like charred paper, and each vape pull you take will likely to itch the back of your throat. Even popular tanks like Geekvape Zeus X RTA can get a burn hit if you don’t use it properly.

Causes of Burnt Vape hits and how to fix them

Causes of Burnt Vape Hit

Causes of Burnt Vape hits and how to fix them

Chain vaping

The chief problem why vape coils get burnt fast is when vapers go on a long chain of vaping, especially newbies. However, experienced vapers often get overexcited to get a mouthful of puff. Pulling puff after puff, without having a break in between doesn’t allow your wick to reabsorb enough e-juice for the next puff.

Solution: Give your vape enough time to absorb e-juice, so it doesn’t dry out. Allow, let’s say, 15-20 seconds break before taking the next puff.

Failure to prime your coil properly

Your vape could taste burnt because you didn’t prime your coils properly. If your coil is not well primed, the wick won’t be well saturated with e-juice and can burn your coils.

Solution: Priming is the process of dripping small amounts of e-juice into the coil holes. Two or three drops should do but generally ensure that it gets enough till the liquid flows to the top of the hole, and the wicks get soaked. Then you can allow the coil to rest up for some minutes before installing the coil. Pull in through the mouthpiece a couple of times without powering the devices. And that’s how you prime your vape device.

Never let your vape run out of juice

Vaping your device till the last drop of juice isn’t good for your coil’s health. You’ll likely agree that it’s tempting to enjoy it to the last drop, but of what benefit is it when you have to replace damaged coils.

Solution: ensure to keep your tank topped to a reasonable level.

High powered vape

Each vaping device is designed to have its recommended wattage limit, anything above which can burn its coils. Powering your vape at an exceedingly high temperature has damaging effects on the atomizer’s wick.

Solution: If you need something to meet up with your higher demand for vapor, then you may consider a sub-ohm mod. Feel free to explore our tank collections and select the vape device that satisfies your wattage requirement and your need for higher intensity.


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  1. What does a burnt coil taste like?

A burning taste. Vaping a dead coil will eventually result in a burning taste. Usually, this taste is so unpleasant that it completely ruins your hit.

  1. Can you keep vaping with a burnt coil?

Don’t Try to Vape with a Burnt Coil. When a coil is new and fresh, the taste is great but as time goes by, the coil will burn out. It can easily be avoided though by changing your coil.